Sheet Metal Forming Simulation
Case Studies

Minnesota Tool & Die Case Study

The client required a successful forming process to form the provided 3D Part Geometry. Using our simulation technology, they were able to get great parts at first try out. 

Simulation Videos


Figure 1: Part Geometry


Figure 2: Splits are predicted
Initially, a single stage draw was simulated to determine if the part required more than one forming stage.


Figure 3: Pre-Form Shape
A pre-form shape was engineered to form the part in TWO stages.


Figure 4: Pre-Form Simulation 
The simulation predicted failure to resolve splitting issues in a single stage. We then developed a successful two-stage approach through simulation.


Figure 5: Actual Pre-Form shape is safe!


Figure 6: Simulation predicts a successful part


Figure 7: The Part is formed successfully
The client tooled the process and achieved success at first tryout!