Sheet Metal Forming Simulations

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Services for all Stages of Your Project


Product Development

  • Early formability checks
  • Rapid evaluation of multiple designs
  • Blank size estimation

Planning & Bidding

  • Process planning
  • Tonnage calculations
  • Material cost studies


  • 3D process design and simulation
  • Precise virtual tryout of 3D tooling
  • Accurate blank and trim development
  • Integrated springback compensation
  • Comprehensive results: formability, thinning, springback, surface quality


  • "What if" scenario assessments
  • Process improvement studies
  • Material change studies
  • Cost reduction studies
  • Root cause analysis of existing production problems

Your Secret Weapon

Each project we do includes multiple iterations, which we call virtual tryouts. This allows us to work together to identify and solve even the most challenging problems. In addition to simulation, we provide data to fast track your tooling project, such as: tooling surfaces, accurate blank shapes, springback compensation, forming forces, and even a complete progression strip design.

Examples of Our Work

Lodent Precision

lodent-precision-case-studyThe Challenge:

  • This project's goals were to design a forming process with a maximum of 20% thinning on the plunged holes in the fewest possible operations. The forming process simulations were successful in eliminating forming problems — splits, wrinkles, and other negative outcomes — before the tooling was designed and manufactured.

The Result: 

  • The dimple was drawn and, through our simulation, we were able to successfully reduce the process to six steps in order to minimize the thinning percentage to the required level. The precut areas were then developed to allow the material to form according to our client’s requirements, giving them the confidence to move the model into the final stages of design and, finally, manufacturing.

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Corsair-Forming-418x253Connecticut Corsair is a volunteer organization dedicated to the promotion of education and local businesses in the State of Connecticut. They are also leading an aircraft restoration project aimed at restoring to flight the official State Aircraft of Connecticut — the Chance-Vought F4U Corsair.

The Challenge:

  • Recreate the forming process for a section of wing for the Chance-Vought F4U Corsair, a World War II fighter.

The Result:

  • After simulations proved the viability of the forming process, Connecticut Corsair successfully formed the wing section on the first attempt.



Read the full case study

Die Engineering

die-engineering-case-studyDie Engineering Pty Ltd, a regular StampingSimulation customer, needed to be sure that a part of a complex project could be formed successfully. Earlier prototype parts had been made with unacceptable wrinkles and it was, therefore, the job of our simulation team to determine how to make this part in a way that prevented any wrinkling. 

The Challenge:

  • Design a forming process that eliminated severe wrinkling or splitting from the part.

The Result:

  • Using the simulation results, acceptable parts were made at first tool tryout with no adjustment other than increasing binder pressure to get optimum draw results.



Read the full case study 


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