How Rapid Prototyping and Simulation Can Improve Your Product Development Process

Developing a new metal product is crucial, especially if you are looking for investors. Traditional product prototyping may take a significant amount of…
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Stamping Simulation Springback Color Map Multiphase Material

How Process Engineering Can Help You Conquer High-Strength Materials

Similarly to technology, the world of manufacturing and metal forming is constantly evolving. One of the biggest factors to take into consideration is…
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Stamping Simulation Sheet Metal Forming and Its Benefits

A Complete Introduction to Sheet Metal Forming and Its Benefits

What is sheet metal forming? Sheet metal forming is the process of turning a flat sheet of steel (or other material, such as…
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Product Design with Simulation

From Product Design to Simulation: How to Start Your Manufacturing Project

Designing a new product is very exciting, be it for an existing company or for a startup. In order to guarantee the success…
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