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Efficient and Functional Metal Product Development- Rover Australia

Sheet metal product development always benefits enormously from upfront manufacturing feasibility checks, by using simulation technology. Common challenges for sheet metal product designers include deciding the radius of product features, overall product depth, product mass and strength, material costs, and tolerancing, amongst other functional design decisions.

metal product development

Lawn Mower by Rover Australia

Efficient metal product development means creating a durable and functional product, while being less expensively manufactured, without defects such as wrinkles, splits or uncontrollable spring back. Simulating the desired manufacturing process is a great way to quickly assess if a product can be successfully  formed, stamped, drawn, stretched or bent into the required shape.

For complex product shapes which are specified with advanced high strength steels, (AHSS) changes are often needed to achieve a successful outcome. This might mean additional manufacturing steps (tooling stages), product shape change, or even a re-consideration of material type and sometimes all of the above! Despite some in the industry describing sheet metal forming as “black magic”, metal forming is governed by the laws of physics and today’s advanced simulation technology can accurately determine the expected result, even at the product design stage.


The best way to illustrate is by way of example. This lawn mower deck designed and manufactured by ROVER AUSTRALIA shows how simulation was used early in the product development phase, to achieve a low cost and efficient manufacturing process, by considering the limits of forming the given material, using advanced AutoForm simulation technology.

The result? Successful forming at first tool tryout.


Successful deep drawn product

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