Sheet Metal Forming Simulation
Case Studies

Case Study - Corsair F4U 0805

Connecticut Corsair is a volunteer organization dedicated to the promotion of education and local business in the state of Connecticut. We are also an aircraft restoration project aiming to restore the official State Aircraft of Connecticut, the Chance-Vought F4U Corsair, to flight. Through restorating one of the most advanced fighter aircrafts of World War II, we provide a forum in which current and future students can be educated in math, science, and engineering. Furthermore, our program aims to promote and develop the advanced manufacturing processes hosted by the local businesses here in Connecticut, helping to keep the state the home of modern aerospace technology.

Along the way, Connecticut Corsair aims to help save some of the slowly fading history of both the state of Connecticut and our great nation.

We hope to capture the stories of a generation that helped make our country, as well as our state, what it is today, such that these stories and messages can be passed on to current and future generations.

Corsair-Forming-418x253 (1)

Figure 1:  Excessive Thinning Predicted

Pressure, timing, and blank shape optimized with simulation to predict a successful forming process.


Figure 2:  Draw Plate and Form Post

Actual design tooling used for simulation predicted successful with added draw plate.


Figure 3:  Blank Shape

Optimized blank shape.