Product Development

Early Formability Checks

A successful product design not only functions but can also be easily and cheaply manufactured. Using simulation during the product design phase yields massive cost savings and lead time reductions. A sheet metal product design can be quickly assessed for feasible forming, stamping, drawing, stretching or bending using simulation. With the quest for ever stronger and lighter steel structures, checking your product and material grade selections for forming problems has never been so important.



Rapid Evaluation of Multiple Designs

Multiple designs can be assessed for feasibility, with respect to manufacture, in a matter of hours thanks to advanced simulation technology. No longer do simulations require days and weeks of setup and processing. Typically, three or more design options can be considered within 48 hours, often less, to quickly steer your design team down the most feasible path.


Blank Size Estimation

Material usage is everything. Knowing the size, shape, and volume of raw material needed to successfully stamp a sheet metal product is critical. The properties of sheet metal are such that material is stretched and compressed, and thus advanced computer simulations are needed to calculate the correct blank shape and size for your sheet metal part design. Furthermore, complex parts may require additional material which is scrapped later, as in the case of a deep draw or stretch forming operation. This scrap must be accounted for at the design phase to correctly determine the cost of the product up front.

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