Simulation Produces Good Parts at First Tool Tryout

Often it is difficult to judge when a sheet metal product design can be successfully formed in a single forming process. Using forming simulation, it is possible to simulate alternative forming processes prior to committing to tooling fabrication.

By using’s Pay As You Go Services, Minnesota Tool and Die Works were able to achieve their goal of making good parts at first tryout, by utilizing virtual tryouts to develop and engineer a successful forming process.

During the Virtual Tryout process, it was determined that the product shape could not be formed successfully in a single draw process; instead, it was necessary to develop a two stage forming process.

The two stage process was developed, and the data produced in simulation used to machine the tool, producing a successful result at first tryout. View the full process simulation here. (Requires Acrobat Reader to activate 3D objects)

“We fabricated the tooling directly from the simulation data and the parts turned out great after the very first tryout.” Jeff Clark, Minnesota Tool and Die Works (United States).