EasyBlank supplies CAD file with a detailed report

We have recently released the latest update to EasyBlank and those who have subscribed to the regular mailing list may have come across something they did not know: EasyBlank generates blank shapes as a CAD file and not just as a picture on your screen.

The primary purpose of EasyBlank is to calculate a blank shape using Autoform One-Step technology so what good would this be if all you could see was an image of the blank on your PC? None! That is why EasyBlank also allows the users to purchase the generated blank shape as a 2D IGS CAD file.

Many customers use EasyBlank for quoting a press tool project and may only require the detailed report, showing material utilization, strip width and pitch, cost information and blanking force too. However, a large number of customers want to use the blank shape in their first tool tryout OR in their tool design, immediately……and they can. The process of purchasing the displayed blank shape as an IGS CAD file has just become quicker, easier and cheaper for those who pre-purchase.

The new discounts – up to 78% – now make EasyBlank even better value for companies using the product at quotation stage and the new payment options are more convenient for those without company credit cards, making Report check out faster. Results are purchased within EasyBlank at the end of the process by following the steps in the Report tab and the new pre-purchase system means that a credit card is no longer required to purchase results (although credit card payment is still available).

To pre-purchase bulk reports and blank shape CAD files, please contact us for purchasing details.

The new pricing structure for pre-purchases is as follows:

*Pre-purchase 10 Reports for $440 -Save 12%

*Pre-purchase 20 Reports for $780 – Save 22%

*Pre-purchase 30 Reports for $1,050 – Save 30%

*Pre-purchase 50 Rerports for $1,400 – Save 44%

*Pre-purchase 100 Reports for $1,950 – Save 61%

*Pre-purchase 300 Reports for $3,300 – Save 78%

Customer who purchase their blank shape as a CAD file report excellent results, whether they use the result as a starting point for blank development or have a single stage forming process that closely matches the EasyBlank result. The payback for using EasyBlank and purchasing the result is hours of time saved on the shop floor by significant reduction of blank development work.

For customers who require full incremental simulations, StampingSimulation.com offers SimulateLite and SimulateComplete with the ability to accurately develop the blank shape through multiple forming processes, as well as confidently determine formability and thinning.

StampingSimulation.com provides sheet metal forming simulation services on a job by job basis and quotations can be generated quickly and easily online.