The purpose of the EasyBlank® software is to calculate blank shapes from 3D CAD files of sheet metal stamped parts. The calculated blank shape is then nested and optimized into a coil layout, estimating material costs for you.

EasyBlank uses a one step calculation to turn complex 3D part designs into flat patterns, in just seconds. The entire process, from CAD import to results on your screen, typically takes less than three minutes.

The software is free to download and use, and results can be instantly purchased in IGS CAD format for just $49.90. All purchases are accompanied by a detailed report.


How it Works


How does EasyBlank® calculate a blank shape from my 3D CAD model?

EasyBlank® is a software program developed by AutoForm Engineering and uses the AutoForm-OneStep solver to mesh, tip and calculate a flat layout.

How accurate is the resulting blank shape?

One step calculations assume the part will be formed in a single forming process from a 100% developed blank shape. If this is not the intended forming process, a full incremental simulation service such as SimulateLite® or SimulateComplete® is needed for an accurate development. However, one step results are an excellent tool for quoting new tooling projects and give a very quick indication of material usage and cost.

How can I obtain the blank shape data outputs and report?

The main results generated by the EasyBlank® application can be seen on the screen, at no charge. You may wish to purchase your results as an IGS CAD file and detailed report (see sample report) which then licenses you to use the data for commercial use. Results are purchased at a charge of $49.90 per part, and are ordered within the EasyBlank application.

Is it safe/secure for me to use EasyBlank?

Yes. When you download EasyBlank® you install it on your local PC. No design geometry is sent to us unless you decide to ORDER a report, in which case the data will be sent encrypted to AutoForm ‘s servers, in accordance with the EasyBlank® Order Terms and Privacy Statement.

How long will it take to get my results back?

Within the EasyBlank® application, results on screen are typically received in three minutes or less. If you decide to order a report, the results are made accessible on the server as soon as your payment is made online.

What are the minimum requirements for EasyBlank®?

Windows XP or Vista (32bit or 64bit), 1280 x 1024 display resolution, NET framework 2.0 or higher is necessary and will be installed automatically if required Recommended, 1.8GHz or faster Processor, 512MB or more Memory.

EasyBlank® Benefits

  • Pay As You Go Desktop Software
  • Generate a blank shape in less than 3 minutes
  • Assists in improving project quotation accuracy
  • No upfront cost, just $49.90 per blank/report
  • Pre-purchase results and save up to 78%
  • One-Step Technology

EasyBlank® Features

  • Approximate Blank shape (IGES format)
  • Material Thinning Preview (One-Step result)
  • Material Formability Preview (One-Step result)
  • Material yield Calculation (optimized nesting layout)
  • Cost per blank
  • Scrap Value
  • Detailed report
  • Built on AutoForm Technology