Using ANSYS Simulation for Design Analysis


ANSYS simulation is an industry standard for manufacturers wishing to prevent design flaws and optimize product designs early in the design phase. Stamping Simulation uses ANSYS to compliment AutoForm simulation software when the need arises.
Preventing Design Flaws with ANSYS Simulation


We have written about the benefits of ANSYS simulation in the past here. This article explains in more detail the uses of ANSYS simulation and when it is necessary to switch out of AutoForm software and perform simulations in ANSYS, with respect to sheet metal products of all types.


ANSYS Simulation for Design Analysis

StampingSimulation utilizes ANSYS structural simulation tools when products other than sheet metal need to be analyzed OR an assembly of components must be considered, rather than an individual part. ANSYS allows us to connect multiple components together of different types and materials, and then apply a load scenario with full consideration of an entire assembly. Thin walled parts may also be connected to solid parts with ANSYS.


solid ansys


ANSYS simulation tools are also effective for simulating problems that require solid FEA elements, as opposed to zero thickness membrane elements as is typical for sheet metal problems. Solving linear problems with solid elements is mostly straight forward in ANSYS but once the non-linear region is encountered, a different type of solver is required.

In the case of single sheet metal component, usually of thin wall nature (ie: <3mm thickness), loads and constraints (mounting points) can be applied and analyzed very effectively in AutoForm software. Given that AutoForm also adds the stress and strains from the forming operation, it is often more accurate to simulate a simple load setup inside AutoForm, after the forming simulation is complete for a single sheet metal product.

However, as soon as we need to introduce more than one part into the analysis, or a complex assembly of multiple parts with different materials, we must move to the ANSYS software.

In addition, using ANSYS we are able to calculate the modal frequency of structures under load OR find the natural frequencies such that designers can avoid resonance problems that could occur if these frequencies are not avoided in service of the product.
Preventing Design Flaws with ANSYS Simulation


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