Material Tensile Testing Explained

How does accurately simulate your specific material? The uniaxial tensile test is performed to collect data from actual steel samples, and the results are used in simulation to accurately model the hardening behavior of the steel being simulated.

StampingSimulation utilizes the services of ThyssenKrupp Laboratory Services, Detroit MI, USA to perform the standardized test and prepare the appropriate data. The test is best explained by stamping_simulation_tensile_test showing the uniaxial tensile test in action at TK labs. [Below: The uniaxial tensile test at point of failure alongside the stress-strain data which was collected directly from the test specimen.]


The raw data from the tensile test is imported to AutoForm-Incremental simulation software and used as the basis for the material properties being simulated. These properties determine how the material behaves during forming and ultimately, when the material will fail. StampingSimulation strongly recommends tensile testing at the lab for all simulation jobs, however, in some cases a matching library material may be selected when physical material samples are not available.

The tensile testing procedure is usually quoted with each simulation job, when required, and lab results are available within 24 hours of receiving the material sample which means there is little delay to the final simulation results. Tensile testing is available with all simulation jobs.