Material Test – Forms & Procedure


For the most accurate simulation results, a uni-axial tensile test is required. Every job we quote includes the cost for testing a sample of your material. Below is the procedure and form required for sending your sample for testing. To learn more about the testing method, please view this article.

Please prepare a 12″ x 12″ (300mm x 300mm) sample of your material, complete this .doc form,

Services Request Form  and ship to this address:


Attention: Tom Zucchet

ThyssenKrupp Steel North America, Inc.

3  Thyssen Park, Detroit, MI  48210, USA

Telephone: (313) 899-6255   Fax: (313) 899-6233


Write job number xxxxx anywhere on the form, and costs will be charged back to StampingSimulation, excluding shipping. Please tick the YTE test box on the form.

Please provide tracking number once sample is shipped, so we can follow and ensure the results are received asap. Then we use the test results directly in simulation.

You can watch a full video of the testing method here:


Here are some images from the video:








1. Your material sample is milled to the required “dog bone” test shape









2. Your 12″ x 12″ is milled in 3x directions, which is very important for capturing the grain structure of the material and how it forms in all directions.






3. The milled “dog bone” is loaded and pulled in a uni-axial tensile tester.






4. As the specimen is pulled, all stress-strain values are recorded.






5. Past the yield point.







6. And all the way to full failure.