Introducing 3D Printed Simulations

New service to all customers.

Have your simulated process printed in 3D.

Print the entire process;
Print just a few stages;
Print a problem area.

Parts are printed using tough ABS or PLA plastic, and at 1:1 scale (where possible). Max part size is 255mm x 205mm x 205mm. Larger parts can be joined OR scaled down.

Represent your simulated process with realistic 3D printed parts.
Pricing and Shipping

We are introducing a fixed price service for parts that are within our size limitations:

Small (1/3 of max build area or less) – US $275
Medium (2/3 of max build area or less) – US $425
Large (max build area) – US $655

*Price includes shipping worldwide, any destination inc. USA and Canada
**Size is based on final part size. Each size includes printing of up to 6 stages.
***Delivery of printed parts 2 weeks max, from order. Usually faster.
****Parts larger than max size will be custom quoted.
*****Parts are printed in a random mono-color ABS or PLA plastic