Engineering Definitions


N Value

A term commonly referred to as work-hardening exponent derived from the relationship between true stress and true strain given by =K n. Often called work strengthening exponent and in mechanical nomenclature may be called “m” (Automotive Steel Partnership, 1991, p. 11).

Source: The OHIO State University


(1) The reduction of the cross-sectional area of metal in a localized area by uni-axial tension or by stretching. (2) The reduction of the diameter of a portion of the length of a cylindrical shell or tube. The onset of localized necking is dependent upon the stress state which is affected by geometrical factors.

Source: The OHIO State University


1) To stack like parts within one another to occupy a minimum space. (2) A plate having an opening to conform to the contour of a part used to locate the part in a die. (3) To lay out a blank so that the outlines of parts produced will interlock with each following and each preceding part and require the minimum amount of material

Source: The OHIO State University