Free Forming Analysis for March!

Free Forming Analysis for March!*

For the month of March, we will simulate the main forming process (one forming station) to check for common metal forming problems like wrinkles, splits and springback. If problems are found, we’ll show where and why they occur.

You’ll receive AVI and JPG files showing the simulation, thinning and formability of your main forming process, for no charge.

Click here to send us your file now.


*The fine print:

  1. For the purposes of the free offer, we’ll assume a material type if no material information is supplied. Results will differ, depending on exact material properties.
  2. For the purposes of the free offer, we’ll assume a blank size/shape (unless a blank is provided with your data).
  3. If no forming process is noted, we will assume a single stage crash form, from a developed blank.
  4. If forming problems are found, the free offer does not include simulation time to solve the problems. A quotation to solve problems, will be offered, if requested.
  5. Free offer strictly limited to ONE forming station only.
  6. Free offer strictly limited to ONE part per customer for the month of March 2010 only.
  7. Free offer will use full INCREMENTAL simulation (not one-step).
  8. Free offer does not include data such as blank shape or tooling surfaces. Data produced during the free offer, can be purchased, if required.
  9. Please send IGS data, if possible, however we can read and translate just about any file format.