Customer feedback

Recently, we spoke to a customer and asked him a series of questions, regarding services. Here is the transcript of the interview.

Q: How did you find (formerly

A: Well to be quite honest we were looking at purchasing a simulation package at the time. I asked one of the simulation vendors to give me a quote on running a simple crashform and gravity analysis for us. I had the forms surfaced & ready to go. They came back with a $3000.00 quote! I was amazed at how costly it was so I thought I’d do a little searching on the web. Google is where I found your company.

Q: What made you decide to trial the service? A: After speaking with Andrew I was impressed with the knowledge and confidence he portrayed. Also the software you were using was industry standard – and of course the price was very affordable.

Q: What were your initial thoughts when you first saw the predicted problems? A: I was surprised how bad the part looked. We had quite a few heads in on this and we knew there was an ugly area on this part – but this was worse than we originally thought.

Q: Did the tryout results match the simulated result? A: Yes – it was amazing – almost wrinkle for wrinkle and fold for fold.

Q: How did you fix the problem? A: Weeks of trial and error cutting and recutting forms and adding pads here & there.


Q: How much time do you think it might have saved if you had fixed the problem prior to tooling? A: I’m quite certain we would have saved weeks.

Q: Would you use simulation in the future to predict and fix the problem prior to tooling? A: Yes – that is the plan!

Q: Do you think the cost of simulation would pay for itself? A: Yes – there is no doubt that using simulation will save us time and money.

Q: Any other comments? A: I was impressed with the speed and quality of the results you came up with. You’re turn-around time was awesome. I would recommend your company to anyone looking for low cost quality simulation. Thank you!