About StampingSimulation


StampingSimulation.com has been providing sheet metal stamping simulation services to the industry since 2003, when it first began life as The Forming Simulation Guru.

Company History


TheFormingGuru.com site was founded by current Director and lead engineer, Timothy Rupert Bliesner (a.k.a ¨The Guru¨). ¨The Guru¨ provided the industry with its first taste of forming simulation technology, delivered as an online service. Before this time, forming simulation technology remained the exclusive domain of the large multi-nationals, with small-to-medium sized enterprises locked out due to the prohibitively high cost of the technology.

Between 2003-2006 ¨The Guru¨ pioneered some exciting developments. The site not only offered the industry’s first application of forming simulation technology via the internet, but it also offered the world’s first free, online nesting report. Customer’s simply uploaded their CAD model and received back in real time, their free Nesting Estimation Report.


Mid 2006 saw the company change its name to StampingSimulation.com and with that came a new look and some new faces. Tim teamed up with his brothers Steve and Andrew, with the objective of taking the business to the next level. Both Andrew and Steve saw the potential in what Tim was doing, and felt that with their collective skills, they could help propel the business forward in new and exciting ways.

On August 30 2006, StampingSimulation.com Pty Ltd (Australian Company Number 121 499 465), was born. The site was revamped, and the product offering overhauled.


April 2007 saw another significant milestone in the Company’s history. A strategic decision was made to move towards the AutoForm suite of products (widely acknowledged as the industry leader in Finite Element Analysis software), with an emphasis on partnering with AutoForm to bring more online technology to the small-to-medium enterprise (SME) space.

The Future

Headquartered in Queensland Australia and with engineering resource across 3 continents, StampingSimulation.com solves sheet metal forming problems for customers all over the world.

The future is bright, as StampingSimulation.com continues its mission to raise the competitiveness of the SME tooling industry by providing innovative access to Finite Element Analysis technology.

Staff Profiles

Timothy Bliesner
Senior Engineer & Founding Director

Tim is the founding director and lead stamping engineer, and comes from the automotive industry with over 5 years experience, having previously worked for Toyota in Australia and Japan.

Tim graduated with Honors from the University of Queensland (Brisbane, Australia), with a Bachelor of Engineering (Mech and Space) in 2001 and has provided project consulting services to many of the major automotive names, most recently including Ford and Volvo.

Andrew Bliesner
Operations Director

Andrew joined StampingSimulation.com in mid 2006 and brings to the organization 10 years of IT experience, having lived and worked in the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom and South Africa.

Andrew graduated with Distinction, from the University of the Free State (South Africa), with an MBA in 2005. His international experience and IT knowledge play a large role in progressing the company’s aggressive growth and technology plans.

Stephen Bliesner
Web Operations

Steve joined the company in mid 2006 and brings with him 4 years of software, IT and web experience, having designed and built several prominent Australian E-business web sites.

Steve’s skills and experience continue to play a large part in the development of the online product offering, and provides the business with invaluable experience in the E-business space.