sheet metal bending

How to Calculate and Mitigate Springback Effect in Sheet Metal

Springback is a natural phenomenon in the world of sheet metal fabrication. Companies are constantly finding ways to calculate and mitigate springback effect…
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metal fabrication professional

5 Things to Know About Tonnage Calculations in Your Sheet Metal Tooling Project

Sheet metal manufacturing consists of a variety of different processes and is not always easy to understand. Manufacturers are often looking to gain…
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tonnage for metal forming

The 5 Most Important Parameters to Consider During Metal Forming Simulations

Metal forming simulation technology is still a very new tool to many. Because of this, it may be hard to take the plunge…
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autoform diedesigner

Working Backwards for Perfect Tooling with AutoForm-DieDesigner

Achieving Perfect Tooling with AutoForm-Die Designer In the world of CAD, it was originally thought that the designer must start by drawing top,…
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