metal fabrication

How Tube Bending Simulations Can Help Solve Common Metal Forming Issues

All types of metal work can face unexpected setbacks, and this is especially true for tube bending. Tube bending or tube forming is…
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sheet metal forming

Identifying and Solving the Most Common Defects in Sheet Metal Forming

The most common sheet metal stamping defects are also the easiest to predict using advanced simulation software, such as AutoForm. Choosing the wrong…
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sheet metal bending

How to Calculate and Mitigate Springback Effect in Sheet Metal

Springback is a natural phenomenon in the world of sheet metal fabrication. Companies are constantly finding ways to calculate and mitigate springback effect…
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5 Things to Know About Tonnage Calculations in Your Sheet Metal Tooling Project

Sheet metal manufacturing consists of a variety of different processes and is not always easy to understand. Manufacturers are often looking to gain…
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