How to Identify If Sheet Metal Hydroforming Is Right For Your Project

Under the right circumstances, sheet metal hydroforming can be a cost-effective, durable manufacturing process; however, it depends on each project and the available…
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Sheet metal simulation

How to Improve Springback Effect in Sheet Metal Forming

Springback is a major issue when it comes to metal forming and production. Advanced high-strength steels bring additional formability concerns, so knowing how…
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sheet metal press tonnage calculation

How Tonnage Calculations for Sheet Metal Can Make or Break Your Project

Tonnage calculations need to be precise in order for a sheet metal tooling project to be successful. In best case scenarios, accurate tonnage…
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When a Round Peg Fits a Square Hole – Our Work with Ustun Makina

Using the power of simulation technology, even a round peg can fit a square hole for StampingSimulation clients, such as Ustun Makina. Watch…
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