One Step Blank Shape Reports

Simplify Your Quote

example_onlyOur Blank Shape report is a handy tool to use when you are in the quotation stage. Use it as often as you like. This tool, developed by AutoForm Engineering, uses a one-step solver to mesh, tip, and calculate a flat layout. If you are creating a part that you will only need one forming step to complete, this tool will create a developed blank shape. If you are not using a one step forming process, you will need a forming simulation service such as our SimulateLite or SimulateComplete to calculate the correct blank shapes for you.

What You'll Get

  • A blank shape report, showing the shape and overall dimensions of the blank
  • A nesting diagram, showing the optimal strip width and angle to optimize your material use
  • A forming limit diagram, based on a one-step calculator, showing the feasibility of forming your part in one step
  • An analysis of where splits and excess thinning are likely to occur
  • This result is approximate and does not consider any tooling geometry or multiple forming steps
  • Report is provided in an XLS format for no cost
  • The calculated blank shape is available for purchase as an IGS curve file
  • Results are emailed to you typically within 24 hours

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